Private Investigators and Locating People

These days, it seems like finding people should be as simple as a Google search. But the truth is, while some sites are now making you pay for simple information, other sites are unreliable. The only way to be sure you have truly accurate information when trying to locate a person is doing a search beyond the web. That is where a Private Investigator comes into play.

Using a Private Investigator to Locate Someone

Understanding how Private Investigators work can be the key to realizing how helpful they can be in your search to locate someone as a Mass Tort Attorney. The following will give you background information regarding some of the tools PI’s use to assist them in their quests.

Common Misconceptions for finding Criminal Records

There is no main database for criminal records

While criminal records can be purchased through vendors in certain areas, many jurisdictions do not have this information through third party vendors. The best way to collect accurate information is to visit the courthouse or search through an official database that is run by the state in which the person in question resides.

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