CIAPI Makes it Happen

We change your unresponsive Claimants intofoundhappyprofitableones.

Our Custom Software in action

Screen grabs of CIAPI client software

CIAPI Finds Unresponsive

Tort Case Experts

We specialize in hard to find, unresponsive Tort claimants. If you have them, we'll find them.

How We Do it.

We developed our own custom software to track and manage claimants. It works so well, we include you in it for real-time updates.

Blending Old & New

We use cutting-edge custom tracking software combined with tried and true Private Investigator methodologies to guarantee success.

The Need for Speed

We understand. Completely. We work in timeframes of weeks, not months.

Do the Right Thing andReclaimCaptureLost Revenue with Each Claimant

CIAPI's Services

How it works

Send Excel Spreadsheet

Send us an Excel spreadsheet of your unresponsive Tort Claimants. Yes - it's really that easy.

We do Our Magic

Utilizing custom software we built ourselves & best-in-class P.I. practices, we find 'em. And how.

Results. Fast.

We work hard & fast. You get computerized results by Claimant, in batches, or at final completion.

And When You Need More

Also Offering Specialized add-on services:

  • Criminal Records
  • Physical Locations
  • Active Phone numbers
  • Closest family members (next of kin)
  • Notarized documents
  • Face-to-face interaction (signing documents)
Pay only for services you need.

All We Do

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