The professionals of Captured Investigative Agency are specialized in a wide range of domestic, corporate, criminal, civil, and identity theft services.

• Pre-Marital
• Infidelity
• Teen Problems
• Child Custody
• Missing Family
• Family Protection
• GPS individual tracking

• Divorce
• Cold Cases
• Insurance Fraud
• Witness Location
• Fugitive Recovery
• Pre-employment screening
• Computer forensics

• Security Audits
• Driving Records
• Criminal Records
• Employment verification
• Credit History
• Tenant screening
• Sex Offenders

Phone Records
• Asset Searches
• Tenant Evictions
• Process Serving
• Our Intellectual Property Investigations
• Royalty Compliance Auditing
• Industry Investigations

Our discreet and confidential services will never compromise the trust between you and your loved ones. Many marriages today involve men and woman who already have children from a previous relationship. Sharing a home with your children and someone new in your life is a huge decision and you want your children to be safe. Get the facts / the absolute truth.

Unfortunately statistics in society today show the prevalent rise of infidelity in marriages. Professional consultants at CIA will work on your case without involving friends and family. Your trust with loved ones will not be compromised. Your family's financial future, health, and well-being are worth fighting for. Take control of your situation and call CIA today.

Teen Problems
Do you really know what your teenagers are doing when you are not around? Are you aware of the possible internet predators that may be communicating with your children? Have your child's clothing, friends, interests, sleeping habits, or attitude changed lately? Accusing your teen may not be the best approach for one risks breaking the trust barrier. We encourage our clients to gather evidence first. Our firm can develop a plan that will reveal the actions of your teen when you, the parent, are not around.

Child Custody
During the stress of divorce or a lost relationship the fear and heartbreak of child custody can be unbearable. Can you trust the legal system to have the resources to understand your unique situation? Our firm can help you gain piece of mind. We win cases.

Missing Family
Often times the sense of urgency felt by family members is not shared by local law enforcement agencies. CIA will put together a team to locate individuals who have disappeared for whatever reason. Every minute is crucial; bring your loved one home today.

Family Protection
Your life will immediately change the day you are confronted with a threat toward you or a family member. In the event a tragic situation may occur your loved ones will look to you to protect them. Plan ahead and protect your family from the dangerous world of today.

GPS Individual Tracking
Do you trust your teenagers to drive their younger siblings to school and other daily activities? Are you confident they are driving responsibly? Our GPS global positioning satellite equipment used by agencies like the CIA, FBI, and the military can determine the details of a commute. This method may also be used to document suspicious activities of a spouse.

When facing divorce leave nothing to chance. Once you engage in divorce proceedings our special investigators can obtain information about your ex-husband/wife that can put you in control of your future. CIA will help you gain control over your child's future and most importantly their financial stability and personal safety.

Cold Cases

Insurance Fraud
CIA LLC offers a full service Insurance Fraud Team, which conducts investigations pertaining to Insurance fraud, and Insurance Claim Investigations.

Identity Theft
It is estimated that as many as 9 million Americans have their identities stolen each year. Identity theft victims can quickly spend hundreds of hours and money repairing their good name and credit record. Protect yourself today, call CIA LLC.

Witness Location
CIA LLC has the tools, knowledge, professional training, and contacts that allow us to find witnesses quickly and affordably. Once a witness is located CIA LLC can effectively gain information during the interview process that can make the difference between winning and losing a contentious court case.

Fugitive Recovery
CIA LLC is part of a Nationwide Network of Bail Enforcement Professionals, Fugitive Recovery Agents, and "Bounty Hunters". Working with our network of professionals while sharing information, agents, and resources will result in quick solutions.

Pre-employment Screening
Background screening works. We can assist your organization attract and hire quality employees, increase efficiency, reduce liability and protect the workplace. Our pre-employment screening was designed specifically with the small-medium sized business in mind. FCRA compliant database products allow CIA LLC to accelerate the screening process and help hire better candidates.

Computer Forensics
CIA LLC is a recognized leader in the area of computer forensics and date recovery. We can provide assistance and advice in the search and recovery of deleted, erased or otherwise concealed computer evidence.

Security Audits

Driving Records
CIA LLC can search for name and address through a license plate number, insurance status, license number from name and address, driving history, identifiers, license type, driving status, driving restrictions, infractions, car histories, and vehicles registered to a name or address.

Criminal Records
Does someone close to you have a criminal record? Nanny or Business Partner? CIA LLC can search criminal records by state, county, federal, and worldwide to find criminal convictions, felonies, misdemeanors, sentences, incarceration records, sex offender records, court dockets, dispositions, pending or dismissed cases, law suits, and warrants.

Employment Verification
CIA LLC is the authority for searching records to find the accurate employment history of any person that has been employed legally in the United States. Whether you are just looking out of an interest or doing a background check to protect your business interests, CIA LLC can find the information you need to know - fast.

Credit History
Credit Reports reveal credit history including; paying habits, judgments, liens, bankruptcies, as well as previous addresses, prior employment, any variations in their social security number, and possible aliases used.

Tenant Screening
Screening of prospective tenants can help provide property managers and landlords better risk control.

Sex Offenders
Sexual offenses are on the rise in the United States, and CIA can locate individuals who are on the National Sex Offender List. Do not hesitate to get the absolute truth in regards to your family's safety.

Phone Records
Unsure of the telephone number that has been repeatedly calling your or your significant others cell phone? CIA LLC, can locate names and addresses associated with telephone numbers, fax, voip, mobile, cellular, toll-free, and pager directories.

Asset Searches
CIA LLC offers comprehensive asset searches in the U.S. and numerous other countries all over the world. CIA LLC can identify bank accounts, brokerage accounts, real property, and other valuable assets to satisfy judgments and other debt collection matters.

Tenant Evictions
Evicting an individual or business from a rental location is a very delicate issue. Our professional investigators can serve eviction to your renter and videotape the premises before and after the eviction to ensure no damage was done.

Process Serving
CIA LLC are professional, experienced personnel who can meet your Service or Process in subpoenas, summons, liens, orders, garnishments, and evictions.

Royalty Compliance Auditing

The Benefits of a Royalty Compliance Audit
By performing the royalty compliance audit, parties can clear up any misunderstanding and ensure future compliance. Additionally, royalty audits will encourage communication between licensor and licensee, which often leads to additional cooperation between licensor and licensee and potentially new licensing agreements between both parties.  Captured Investigative Agency can investigate with sensitivity and efficiency, the compliance audit will maintain a good business relationship between the parties and help to ensure strengthened intellectual property and a long future of continued royalty payments.

Royalty Services Consulting
Captured Investigative Agency works with publishers seeking to bring accountability and transparency to their writing clients by performing the due diligence necessary to reach these goals.

Captured Investigative Agency has worked with publishing houses and other distributors who are in need of assistance with periodic royalty collection, accounting and distribution.

Litigation Support
Captured Investigative Agency agents act as consultants to litigators, executors and other estate or trust representatives who require the deep industry knowledge needed to evaluate a claim.

Our firm performs the due diligence necessary (i.e., site visits, audits, targeted research, review of discovery materials, etc.) for an accurate valuation.

Industry Investigations
Captured Investigative Agency has partnered with renowned Kye Pietoso, owner of Café Napoli, to diagnose problem areas in your restaurants and bars. Pietoso travels the country performing undercover dining evaluations of large chain restaurants, nightclubs and family owned establishments to determine problem areas and identify solutions in all areas of hospitality.